We are ASI Solutions Ltd

It is easy for us to take strategic infrastructure for granted, but free flowing, well maintained roads, and efficient, accessible airports are vital for a strong economy. Think of the frustration, wasted time, pollution and economic costs caused by traffic delays and congestion, or the potential disruption to flights caused by a poorly maintained runway or taxiway.

ASI’s product portfolio is designed to offer cost effective, operationally simple and technically effective solutions for the maintenance and preservation of asphalt assets such as roads, airport runways and taxiways, and car parks, extending their life and reducing the need for expensive and disruptive repairs.

At the forefront of asphalt innovation for over 20 years, ASI Solutions are perhaps best known for its premium asphalt preservation product, RHiNOPHALT®. RHiNOPHALT® has been successfully applied and is providing asphalt life extension in diverse climates across the globe, from the cold and snow of Iceland to the monsoons and high temperatures of Asia.

ASI’s well-travelled staff are based in the UK, Europe and the Far East, and work with agents and distributors to deliver technical solutions to the end users.  With manufacturing capability in the UK & Europe, ASI is well positioned to supply products worldwide.

So whether you finance, own, operate, or maintain asphalt infrastructure, ASI would love to talk to you about how we can help you deliver operational, financial and economic benefits in your business. 

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