Bridge and Viaduct Asphalt Preservation

The road network is crucial to the success of a country’s economy. Bridges and Urban Viaducts make up a significant percentage of a nation’s transport infrastructure. With ever increasing traffic, the stresses on the asphalt surface of bridge decks have never been higher.

A well-designed bridge is expecting a structural life span of centuries, but the asphalt surface of the bridge however is only expected to last a fraction of that time, with periodical mill and pave resurfacing as well as localised patching seen as the standard protocol for the maintenances of the bridge asphalt surface.


ASI provides a sustainable solution to asset managers for maintaining and extending the life span of asphalt surfaces on all bridges and viaducts with an asphalt surface.

RHiNOPHALT® is a unique preventative maintenance treatment for asphalt which preserves, protects and extends the life of the asphalt infrastructure, delivering substantial operational, financial and environmental benefits. Tested and proven to withstand all extreme weather conditions!

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